Frequently Asked Questions

Got queries about our used car selling process or anything else about Carcruze? Below are the answers to all the commonly asked questions In case you got more questions, feel free to call us on our toll-free number 8178102022.

Section 1 - General

1.What are the benefits of selling your car to CARCRUZE?

Best prices, we’ve been working hard in this industry for years and have gathered data from all over the country from various sources like our network of channel partners, internal market researches, regular surveys and more to ensure that 1 visit is all it takes for you to get the best price for your car.

Selling a car is not like selling a typical moveable asset, and involves significant paperwork potentially involving multiple trips to the RTO the most basic of them being RC transfer. Leave that part of the work to us - and we will do it for free. Plus our T&Cs cover you for various concern areas till the Registration of the car is transferred.

2.Do I need to book an appointment?

a.We recommend that you book a slot in case there is a possible waiting time.
b.Just visit, select your car details and book an appointment.
c.Select the option - Request a Home inspection
d.Or simply call us on 8178102022 and speak to one of our representatives to book a slot
e.And you’re set! We will inspect the car, get you the best price, and take it forward!

Section 2 -Store visits and Home inspections for Evaluation

1.What is car evaluation?

The primary purpose of car evaluation, in addition to gaining insight into the general condition of the car, is to enable and assist in the generation of the price quotation for evaluated car from the market.

2.How does Carcruze’s Evaluation Process work?

The Evaluation process consists of three steps.
a.Physical Inspection - Vehicle is inspected on various aspects to check physical condition.
b.Test Drive - A small test drive is taken to check roadworthiness and performance of engine and gearbox.
c.Live Auction- The Inspection report is used to discover the price from the market by conducting an auction on Carcruze auctions platform. (without showing customer’s personal information and vehicle registration number)

Section 3 -Buy a car on CARCRUZE

1.How can I buy a car on CARCRUZE?

• Start by browsing the huge variety of cars listed here. Use our Car Finder to help you narrow it down as per the style, brand or colour of your choice. When you find that perfect car, you can check out its features, see the pictures, and look at the car from every angle with the 360 view.
• Now go ahead and book a test free drive
• And now, you and the car meet. . Now, it’s test-drive time! Go on a drive, decide if you want to buy it.
• If you want to make this car yours, complete the payment or opt for CARCRUZE finance. Here, the paperwork and documentation is taken care of so we can initiate the ownership transfer process.
• You now have a new car. Congratulations!

2.I see that CARCRUZE provides financing. How does that work?

If you require a loan to buy that dream car, our team of finance experts will help you get the best deal. The best part? You get this deal instantly. The process is quick and 100% paperless, with a loan disbursal on the same day, with the loan covering up to 100% of the car purchase price.

2.What are the documents required at the time of car delivery or pick-up?

Keep these documents handy at the time or car delivery or pick-up.
• Proof of possession Aadhaar
• Address proof
In case of any additional requirements as per the RTO norms, our team will get in touch with you.

Section 4 -RC Transfer

1.What is the process for ownership (RC) transfer?

We will initiate the ownership transfer (RC) process on your behalf seven days after the car is delivered to you.

2.How can i sell my car with carcruze?

You can list your car for sale by following the easy steps of “Sell My Car “option of Carcruze. Carcruze Finds The Perfect Buyer For Your Car. And helps you like your friend to get better value for your car.

2.What all documents do I need to sell my car?

• Insurance Certificate/ Cover Note/ Policy.
• Original Invoice.
• Duplicate Keys.
• Service Manual.
• Last Service Receipt.
• Extended Warranty Certificate.

3.Do I have to do transfer and legal formalities after selling the car on Carcruze?

You do not have to worry about selling a car through Carcruze. Our team will do all kinds of legal formalities including RC transfer.

4.Do I have to pay any charges for listing my car on Carcruze?

No, we don't charge you anything for listing a car.
You have to pay 1% fee only after your car is sold.