Real Flying Cars Images Price – Launch In 2018 Officially

4 Top Brands To Launch Flying Cars 2018

Want to buy cars that have the capability to fly. There is a lot of noise by different brand to get their flying cars sell to the public. A lot of tests was taken to bring such futuristic demand vehicle alive from different counties and brand. As per sources flying cars will see turning point to flying auto industry in 2017. Some of the brands have taken necessary permission to fly and drive a vehicle on normal roads. The companies facing a lot of problems when it comes to drivers of these cars which should not effect big plans or fly near the airport.

There is a tough competition between four air cars companies. All of them has come with their best products. Teffafugia, AeroMobile, Miller International and PAL-L are few companies who got permission for selling such cars.

Flying Cars Delivered to Customers in 2018


Terrafugia Flying Car

An American firm founded by MIT grads who have won the successful graduate award as well. They started experimenting on flying cars from last few years and now they have produced one. The team has worked on design, certification, research and development. They are working on revolutionising transportation and creating a new dimension of personal freedom for their customers.

AeroMobil Flying Car



Slovakia car manufacturer AeroMobil has finally announced to deliver their flying car in 2018. This is also called Roadable aircraft. They took first flight on 2014 and now they have taken all clearance. The latest version 3.0 was introduced at the Pioneers Festival 2014 in Vienna, Austria. The AeroMobil plans have finalised flying car and accepted deposits in 2017.



PAL-V International B.V. is a Dutch company which is building readable aircraft. This flying car looks like a small helicopter which includes two passengers. On the ground the which generates power from rotor which directly delivers to the wheel when on ground. The vehicle turns around like a bike. This solution is pioneered by Carver vehicle. It can go 160kW flight certificate gasoline engine and can get a top speed of 180 km on land and air.


Moller Skycar

Miller International Skycar looks different from other brands. It looks like fighter aircraft. This is a California-based Moller International brand which has started accepting deposits to deliver skycaps in 2018. They have to take U.S. Federal Aviation Administration grants the necessary regulatory permission.



The expected price of all flying cars varies from $3 lakh to 8 lakh. Bookings open now:


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