CARCRUZE Customer Protection Policy

CARCRUZE to protect the customer from any unwarranted post-sale.The CARCRUZE car`s Registration Certificate (RC) is transferred in the name of the carcruze new owner, we will take care of any hassles related to car.

The CARCRUZE Policy provides you with threefold benefits once you sell your car with us. For more details on the policy, please read carcruze FAQ

Ready Assistance and information

CARCRUZE at every step till the RC of the vehicle is transferred the new owner, we are there to help!

Full Legal Support

In the rarest of the rare scenario where there is an issue with thevehicle while the transfer is in process.

Full financial Coverage

For any expenses due to challan, or an accident/untoward incident with the Vehicle

Need help?Send your queries at call us at 8178102022 (10 AM to 6 PM)

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