New (2017) Nissan Patrol Price Features Exteriors Interiors & Highlight

New (2017) Nissan Patrol Price Features Exteriors Interiors & Highlight

Nissan Patrol 2017 is getting a facelift and will enter into new countries. High demand of SUV vehicle all over the world Nissan thinking off its luxury SUV Nissan Patrol. This is Nissan’s biggest SUV used in Dubai for desert Safari. It is an all train vehicle with a lot of suspension setting features. This time it will come with more urban features and luxury all over the vehicle.

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2017 Nissan Patrol Exterior

It is a large body on frame SUV with the air of indestructibility. Just look at the vehicle and customer will be surprised with the massive size of this vehicle. Nissan Patrol length is 5140 mm, height 1940 mm and weight around 350 kg. It has got the vertical front drop and heavy chrome traditional grille make SUV look bold from the front. It will get daytime running LED light with project lamps and head lamps. The front bumper will get fog lamp with chrome protector. The styling of the vehicle is neat and smartly added grilled on C pillar. Chrome strip all over the vehicle to highlight windows. This time it will get LED tail lamps as will.

2017 Nissan Patrol Interiors

When it come to interior space, no one can doubt about it. It has got a whole lot of space everywhere, starting from front till 3rd-row bench. Getting on to front row seats it will get huge space in-between passenger and driver seat. It is tall SUV and seating is so high the view from inside the SUV is commanding. It will get let of combination for the dash – starting from leather, wood, metal and chrome. The dashboard looks interesting and looks like yaourt cockpit. Lots and lots of buttons and good quality display for all the information diver want to known about the vehicle. All the equipment are very well finished. It comes with additional features like Bose 13 speakers and it will get dual 7” screens for the middle row.

2017 Nissan Patrol Engine

Nissan Petrol does not come in a Diesel engine. It will come only in petrol engine which is best in class. It is hard to give competition in India where all big SUV’s are sold in Diesel. It will get 5.6-litre, V8 which produce 400 bhp and 56 of torque. It can get 0-100 in just 6.6 seconds which is remarkable.

2017 Nissan Patrol Highlight

It will come with the world first what Nissan call it hydraulic body motion control system. It is unique to reduce body lead on corners. Best known for off-road capabilities. The vehicle relies on all independent suspension, full-time 4WD, hill descent control and hill start assist. It has also other option for off-road like Land Rover train system.

2017 Nissan Patrol Price

The all-new Nissan Patrol will cost around $45000 and in Indian, it will cost around 80 lakh to 1cr.


New (2017) Nissan Patrol Price Features Exteriors Interiors & Highlight 

New Nissan Patrol Price In India

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