[List] Top 5 Future Cars – Concept Cars – SUV’s Of 2020 (Self Drive Cars) – CarCruze

CarCruze presents list of top 5 Future cars, which will soon go to production and reach customer before 2020. All of these are concept already been showcased by the brand. Researchers are working for mode comfortable ride and better quality along with unique design.

[List] Top 5 Future Cars – Concept Cars – SUV’s Of 2020 (Self Drive Cars) – CarCruze

Lexus LF Concept

Lexus also showcase concept saloon low rider. The vehicle stands out any other concept saloon sedan. The brilliant thinking by designers made Lexus brand stand out everything. This is a couple mid-size sedan which gets comfortable seating for 4 passengers. The design formats are taken from newly launch LC sports coupe. This is going to be most technically advanced car every produced by Lexus.

[List] Top 5 Future Cars - Concept Cars - SUV's Of 2020 (Self Drive Cars) - CarCruze

Rinspeed Oasis

The Swiss automobile manufacturer has designed a concept which is a self-driven vehicle. This vehicle can get groceries for its owner while you sit back home. The location can be set up to be shown in LCD at home. After Google Swiss manufacturer is focusing on such vehicle to be produced soon. It is going to be the green vehicle which will work on only batteries.

self drive cars

Nissan Vmotion 2.0

Nissan is getting right when it comes to futuristic design. With VMotion 2.0 concept, Nissan is going on a right path. The vehicle was showcased at Detroit auto show and now it is coming to Canadian auto show. It shows how Nissan is working on the future design. The direction is right, design is liked. A new upcoming vehicle from Nissan is better looking than ever before.

Nissan will include intelligent driving technology in this vehicle. The front gets signature V grille which follows till then trail lamps. Nissan has showcased some adorable stuff earlier and now they will follow the same path.

Top 5 Concept Cars

Lexus LC

Lexus shed is full of new concept cars. The brand has given everything to get a big percentage of luxury car buyers. This is a production vehicle which will be in showroom sometime soon in 2017 or starting of 2018. The three-door coupe design look concept. Lexus LC is next big launch by the brand after facelift of their best seller SUV.

2018 future cars

Subaru VIZIV 7

Japanese automaker Subaru one again brings big SUV in the market. This is going to modern design to compete with other manufacturer’s futuristic design. Subaru VIZIV 7 is seven seater vehicle. The vehicle will get a more refined engine from other SUV’s.

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