2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Full Review Images Features specification Pricing

Ford Mustang Shelby Overview

2016 Ford Mustang Shelby is one of the most anticipated car for 2016 launch. The muscular Mustang is the most love car by the youngster. 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R ultra focused R variant to tackle across the autosphere. Ford Mustang is the most potent naturally aspired production Mustang ever. Ford had already drop the car to debuts in LA auto show but Ford kept the media known bit and inspiring all the time to be in media which need to know some of the basics.


Ford Mustang Shelby Specification

Ford said there is a adjustment in the cheeses setting which will be available in every GT350 and GT350R. There are five modes Normal, Sports, Weather, Track and Drag.

Normal mode which puts every thing on default setting mode, Sports mode which is for sprint and drive and sharp acceleration, Weather mode softens accelerator response, lock out launch control tightens the stability control reins and leaves everything else in Normal mode. Track mode raises the threshold of the exhaust and selection the firmest shocks and heavier steering. Drag mode act on the accelerator system, steering effort, exhaust system, launch control, throttle response and launch optimised setting and open exhaust.

Ford Mustang Shelby Features

Ford Mustang Shelby got two model option:

The GT350 Technology Package include navigation, sync option, dual power seats with 4-way headrests, dual-zone automatic climate control, leather seats, 7-speakers audio system with satellite radio, Ford Integrated Driver Control System, MagneRide heavy duty front spring, turn signal mirrors and garage-door opener. The track package also include MahneRide and the heavy duty front springs as well as coolers for the engine oil, transmission and differential.


The R option which is known to be a Electronics Package add back in many of the creature comfort that the Standard R model strips out: dual zone climate control, navigation, sync 3, an audio system, aux, a garage door opener, floor mats, a rear view mirror and mobility kit.

Ford Mustang Shelby Exteriors

The new Ford Mustang Shelby look bold wide and more wild this time. The front noise got bit similar to the old Mustang but new grille and new bumper witch will give you the sense of new Mustang. The new Mustang got projector headlamps and all new day time running lights which look great. The three strip LED is different and sharp. The all new front bumper got thinner grille and inbuilt indicators on the corner. The front wind shelf is wide which give clear view outside the car for the driver.


Ford Mustang Shelby Interiors

Ford Mustang Shelby got grey interiors. The interior got fine grey cushion seats and the seats are stitched with red colour stitching thread. The dash is pure muscular look with bold and hard core look in interiors also.

The das got 9” touch screen infotainment system which will manage the car info. The display also get navigation system and audio along. It also get the dual zone climate control. The switches are very well design and it is purely upmarket.


Above the screen dash also get temperature meters. The air vents are round, simple and big for the better air flow. The gear nob also get some red marks. The stop start button is also in red as well as Ford has increase the element of red in the interiors more this time.

The instrument cluster also got round shape and in the middle of the instrument cluster there is a information display as well. The three spoke steering wheel with chrome finish, as well as soft seat like material used in steering wheel with red stitching. The steering wheel get lots of equipment: starting with infotainment control, cruise control, phone assistance buttons, etc.


Ford Mustang Shelby Pricing

GT 350 starts at $49,999 with destination and the $1300 gas guzzler tax.
GT 350 R is about $63,495
There are two option which are exclusive:
Technology Package: $7500
Electronics Pacage: $3000

Ford Mustang Shelby Colour And Price

The new Ford Mustang Shelby will be available in:

Gray (Light and dark)
*These colour are not chargeable.


GT 350 Tiple Yellow will cost $495
A contrast Black roof will cost $695
The racing stripes and $475

The most expensive GT350R will cost:
Triple yellow, black roof, racing strips and Technology Package is $66,860.


Ford Mustang Shelby Images

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