2015 Top 10 Most Valuable Automobile Brand In The World

2015 Top 10 Most Valuable Automotive Brand In The World

2015 study of top 100 most valuable brands in the world. Here we go with the top most auto car brand in the world which is topped by the Toyota.

Japanese Automotive brand Toyota is most valuable brand with value of $28.9 billion. Toyota ranking first in the auto category. Toyota is followed by to well known car brand Mercedes-Benz and BMW with the value of $26.3 billion and $21.7 billion.

Honda ranked 4th with $13.3 billion followed by Ford $13.1 billion, Nissan with $11.4 billion, Audi $10.2 billion, Volkswagen $9.2 billion, Land Rover $4.9 billion and last but not the least Lexus with $4.3 billion.

In the study of top 100 brands in the world Apple made the 1st position in the world with the Brand value tag of $246.9 billion which is followed by google with $173.6 billion and Microsoft with 115.5 billion.

2015 Top 10 Automobile Brands In World


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