2015 Launch Mercedes-Benz S600 (Grand) Guard Bullet Proof Features Engine Specification And Price In India

Mercedes-Benz S600(Grand) Guard Overview

Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest luxury automobile brand in Indian market. They know the customer requirement and they selling their vehicles of there old customer as well as they are fully satisfied with Mercedes-Benz. 


Mercedes-Benz have lots of luxury car lover in India as well and who need protection for themselves. So Mercedes-Benz thought of them and decided to launch Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard. It is basically the same vehicle as Mercedes-Benz S600 Grand. 

Mercedes-Benz S600(Grand) Guard Protection 

Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard is basically same as Grand as Mercedes have kept it very cleverly as from the outside Guard look alike Grand. It get its strength from it body shell at the stage of production only. 


The comfort remains the same as Mercedes know there customers very well. It knows that the comfort is the 1st priority to their customer and Mercedes-Benz not only save their customer now but keep them comfortable as well.


Mercedes-benz Guard is so much well protected as the weight of single door is about 200kg and four doors will be 800kg. The vehicle weight around 2304kg.


Mercedes-Benz S600 (Grand) Guard Features 

  1. Foot rests is electrically adjustable on the passenger side.
  2. LED Intelligent System
  3. Fire extinguisher system with automatic activation
  4. Rest leg has been introduced on the executive seat in the rare of front passenger.
  5. Emergency fresh air system 
  6. New View Assist Plus
  7. Easy operated panic alarm system
  8. Seat Heating Plus 
  9. ENERGIZING massage system 
  10. Chauffeur position for the front seat
  11. Seat Heating Plus Run 
  12. Flat tyre with a danger zone escape of around 30km


Mercedes-Benz S600(Grand) Guard Engine Specification

This is latest luxury car entered in Indian market in 2015. Mercedes-Benz S-600 is the most safest car on earth as claimed by the German car maker. This Monster is powered by V12 petrol engine which produces 530bhp and 830Nm of torque. The car got 7G-Tronic automatic transmission. It can go 0-60 mph with in 4.6 seconds. 

Mercedes-Benz S 600 Grand price in India is Rs 8.9 crores.  

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